2000 Series

The 2000 Series is our base model,  wood burning only cookstove. Each 2000 Series stove comes standard with a warming shelf and solid polished steel top. Customers can choose between glass or solid doors for both the firebox and oven doors. As is standard for each of the Heco cookstoves, they include an air wash control, easy-access cleanout, poker rod, and ashtray.

Discontinued Until
Further Notice


Cooking Surface

46”W x 20.25”D

Stove Size w/ Handles

50.5”W x 33”D

Height To Warming Shelf



22”D x 16.5”W x 14”H


19”D x 20”W x 20”H

Door Openings

15.5”W x 12.5”H

Exhaust Size



Wood Only

BTU Rating


Heating Area

Up To 2,500 sq. ft.

Total Weight

700 lbs.

Draft Regulator

DS Hot Air Bi-Metal

Floor Protector

48" x 61" Required

UL Listed


Each Heco 2000 Series has the option of having a glass or solid firebox door, and a glass or solid oven door.

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