The Name Has Meaning

We receive calls all the time about our cookstoves and one thing that comes up is how is the name pronounced? Is it Heck-O or He-Co? The answer is Heco (He-Co). Our cookstoves are for Heating & Cooking. Here at DS we want to be your go-to manufacturer for cookstoves.

DS Acquires Heco

In August 2020 Heco was acquired by DS Stoves. This shift represents a re-commitment to the family traditions that have driven Amos Stoltzfus since the beginning of his career, when he worked as a product developer at DS Stoves alongside his father, the company’s owner. The acquisition also represents significant growth for DS through the expansion of offerings while remaining true to their core values: manufacturing superior quality products that are both highly efficient and straightforward to maintain, and providing unparalleled customer service to retail consumers and a broad network of dealers and wholesalers nationwide.

Since 1980, DS Stoves has produced a vast line of wood, coal and gas stoves, and other custom heating solutions that utilize traditional Amish craftsmanship and the finest, most durable materials available. Heco’s state-of-the-art cookstoves, with their innovative clean burning design, easily replaceable components, and charming enameled steel housing, are the perfect addition to the DS product line. Capable of heating entire homes, cooking food, and heating the water supply, these cookstoves offer unbeatable versatility along with Eco-friendliness and simplicity of use. Heco and DS are ideal complements in every way, and look forward to honoring tradition, God, and exquisite craftsmanship together under the DS Stoves brand—a family company for more than 40 years—as they forge ahead.

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