Attractive Features

The timeless style of the HECO Elite 520 & 420 Series is sure to please the eye. HECO cookstoves make a wonderful centerpiece for your home.  Explore what makes a HECO cookstove special!

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Stovetop Styles

3 Panel Polished Steel

Removable cooking surface for full cleaning access.
Panels will turn a golden blue color with use.

Solid Polished Steel

Welded to stove body w/ 2 access lids.
Will turn a golden blue color with use.

3 Panel Porcelain Enamel

Removable cooking surface for full cleaning access.
Panels match the stove body for a clean look.

Fire Door Styles

Glass Door

A great view of your fire.
Allows more heat to radiate into your room.

Solid Door

A cost-effective simple look.
Retains more heat inside fire box.

Oven Door Styles

Glass Door

Added style for your cookstove.
Allows for a great view of your food.

Solid Door

A cost-effective simple look.
Retains more heat for the serious baker.

Warming Shelf & Closet Styles

Warming Shelf

Classic cookstove style.
Keeps food & drinks warm.
A Great place to dry clothing.

Warming Closet w/ Shelf

Added style & presence.
Keeps food & drink warmer than shelf.
Enclosed storage for numerous uses. 

Cookstove Controls

DS Hot Air Draft Regulator

Automatic control of your primary air.
Set the regulator to your desired temperature.

Shaker Handle

Located at left rear of stove.
Easy removal of ashes from fire box into ash pan.

Air Wash Control

Provides secondary air for reburn system.
Primary air for wood burning & door air wash.

Oven Bypass Control

Controls bake oven usage.
Pull out on control to engage oven.

Easy Access Cleanouts

Ash Pan Under Fire Box

Less mess & easier cleaning.
Can be used to catch ashes from front cleanout.

Front Ash Cleanout

Located under the bake oven.
Use the scraper rod to clean periodically.

Exhaust Cleanout

Removable panel for easier cleaning.
Located on right side of exhaust box.

Rear Fly Ash Cleanout

Scrape any ash toward front of stove.
Ash will fall to the front cleanout.

Other Great Features

Large Stovetop

 Perfect for searing, sautéing, or warming.
 Enjoy your favorite foods & keep stomachs full.

Large Oven

Baking or roasting for anything you can think of.
Put smiles on faces with some sweet treats.

Porcelain Enamel Coated

Adds show stopping looks.
Enhanced protection & easier cleaning.

African Mahogany Handles

Adds to the warm, at home charm of HECO.
Provides a cool touch grip while in use.

Reburn System

Burns off gases & particulates before exiting fire box.
More heat output & efficiency for long burn times.
Better for the environment with very low emissions.

Hot Water Coil Options

Whether using the 22 gallon reservoir or a range boiler, the HECO has you covered in the event of a power outage or off-grid use.